Policy Update

Oregon Ends 2024 Session After Passing Multiple Environmental Bills

March 15, 2024



NCEL Point of Contact

Dylan McDowell
Executive Director


On March 7, Oregon’s legislative session adjourned on March 7. During the 30-day session, the legislature considered multiple environmental bills that were a priority for the Environmental Caucus. In the end, six of the bills passed helping to further the state’s efforts on energy, renewables, offshore wind, coastal resilience, and the right to repair. with multiple environmental policies heading to the Governor’s desk for signature. 

“The COAL Act” (HB 4083)

Sponsor: Representative Khan Pham

The bill aims to divest the state’s $94 billion Public Employee Retirement System from any companies receiving more than 20% of revenue from coal. These divestments must be accomplished without monetary loss to investments. 

Relating to the reporting of the status of a regional energy market (SB 1581)

Sponsors: Senator Kathleen Taylor, Senator David Smith, and Rep. Courtney Neron

Requires an investor-owned utility that sells more than two million megawatt hours of electricity in a calendar year to report to the Legislative Assembly the activities, if any, that the investor-owned utility has taken or is taking toward participating in a regional energy market. 

Relating to battery energy storage systems (HB 4015)

This bill clarifies and streamlines the process for siting battery energy storage systems and helps facilitate the development of battery storage siting alongside renewable energy projects The bill was introduced at the request of the House Interim Committee on Climate, Energy, and Environment.

Relating to offshore wind energy development (HB 4080) 

Sponsors: Representatives Dacia Grayber and David Gomberg

The bill creates a policy to support engagement between offshore wind developers and affected organizations and entities, including local governments, Tribes, ports, and more. The bill also directs the Department of Land Conservation and Development to review plans for offshore wind projects and sets labor and building standards for offshore wind energy projects. 

Relating to marine reserves (HB 4132)

Sponsor: Representative David Gomberg 

Requires the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the State Fish and Wildlife Commission, and the Department of State Lands to implement the Ocean Policy Advisory Council recommendations to develop an adaptive management and social monitoring program to support marine reserves.

Relating to a right to repair consumer electronic equipment (SB 1596)

Sponsor: Senator Janeen Sollman 

Requires a manufacturer to make available to an owner or independent repair any documentation, tool, part, or other device that is provided to an authorized service provider for diagnosing, maintaining, or repairing electronic equipment. Oregon is the fourth state to pass a right-to-repair bill.