Our Team

Grant Gliniecki

Outdoor Policy Coordinator

Area of Focus




Grant Gliniecki (/Grant glih-NYET-skee/) is passionate about outdoor education, recreation, and public land access. Their approach celebrates how outdoor policy can help us find shared values on complicated environmental issues while promoting equity, opportunity, and health for all. He is especially interested in identifying our opportunities and responsibilities to support environmentally-committed tribal government legislators, reaffirm tribal sovereignty, and promote awareness of treaty obligations at local, state, and federal levels.

Grant holds a Community Sustainability M.S. and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Community Sustainability, both at Michigan State University. Their research weaves conventional settler sciences, oral histories, and Anishinaabe sciences to restore sustainable, loving relationships between human beings, Anishinaabewaki // Anishinaabe land, and our more-than-human relatives. Before joining NCEL, he coordinated Indigenous student success at Michigan State University through Student Life & Engagement.

He lives in Nkwejong  // Where the rivers meet (Lansing, MI)  where he founded and serves as President of Giitigan, an Anishinaabe Community Garden nonprofit sharing Anishinaabe food, language, and science through urban gardening. They love hiking, canoeing, porcupine quillwork, sugarbushing, and especially gardening. Grant’s office helpers include a menagerie of chickens, fish, dogs, and an eccentric cat.

Grant uses both he/him/his and they/them/theirs pronouns.