Great Lakes



NCEL has an extensive history working in states bordering the Great Lakes. We have hosted multiple events to bring legislators together, and we visit many of the state capitols annually.  We have compiled information on issues relevant to the region, including links to legislation and issue fact sheets. We recognize that our list of issues is incomplete, but our goal is to highlight emerging issues where we have information prepared. Please contact NCEL if you would like more information about an issue that is not listed below.


Quick Facts

  1. The Great Lakes are the world’s largest source of freshwater.

  2. A neonicotinoid insecticide called thiamethoxam can cause high mortality in honeybees by compromising their ability to navigate back to the hive. (Science)

  3. Levels of neonicotinoid insecticides currently used in agriculture impairs bees’ brain cells and leads to poor performance by the colony. (


  • Number of states have introduced legislation to ban neonicotinoids, including One, Two and Three.
  • Sample bills and links
  • Legislation addressing microbead pollution is being introduced across the country
Other Issues

Wildlife Trafficking

Public Lands

Ocean Acidification



  • The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has funded 2,080 restoration projects in the region as part of an effort to restore the world’s largest source of freshwater.  You can find details on specific projects by state and additional resources at
  • NCEL Clean Energy Digest (link to blog post
  • LCV by state….