Representative Jeff Howe

Name: Jeff Howe Jeff Howe
State: Minnesota
Title: State Representative
Year first elected to the legislature:
Hometown / district location: Rockville, MN/Central Minnesota
Legislative Leadership Position/Committee Chair/Lead (if applicable): Vice Chair: State Government Finance Committee


Spotlight questions. Please limit answers to 2-3 sentences.

  1. Why are environmental issues important to you?
    The environment is an important legacy we leave to the generations to follow. We need to preserve and protect our natural resources.
  1. What would you consider to be one of your most significant environmental or energy-related achievements in the state legislature to date? What does it do? (Please list the bill number, title, and year passed.)
    The ban on flame retardant chemicals —HF1100/SF1215, passed in 2015. This legislation bans four flame retardant chemicals for use in residential furniture and children’s clothing. It requires a report on 6 other chemicals for possible future legislation.
  1. Why is this achievement important for your constituents and state?
    It will help protect firefighters and people from the harmful effects of known carcinogens in these flame retardant chemicals.
  1. How do you enlist unlikely allies and build broad coalitions for your priorities?

I meet with both proponents and opponents of proposed legislation to find common ground that both parties can support.

  1. What advice do you have for your peers also working on environmental issues?

Be open, honest and reasonable in proposing legislation on these important and sometimes controversial issues.