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NY Bans Use of CCA Treated Wood in Public Picnic Tables

Aug 20, 2003Earlier this month, NCEL participant, New York Assemblyman David Koon, successfully passed Assembly Bill 8707 that prohibits the use of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) pressure treated lumber in the construction of any picnic table at a public facility. It also requires such existing picnic tables to be maintained in a manner to minimize leaching of CCA. The bill was signed into law on August 5, 2003.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Council, CCA is a chemical preservative that protects wood from rotting due to insects and microbial agents. CCA has been used to pressure treat lumber used for decks, playgrounds and other outdoor uses since the 1930’s. Since the 1970’s, the majority of the wood used in residential settings was CCA-treated wood, the CPSC website says. Exposure to the arsenic in the wood could lead to increased risk of lung or bladder cancer.

For a copy of Assemblyman Koon’s bill, use this link.

Last year, Assemblyman Koon’s bill to ban CCA treated wood in public playgrounds was also enacted into law. For a copy of that bill, please contact NCEL.

For more information, visit these websites:

US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Working Group

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